Table of differences between the MG-annotation by Fraser et al. and the MP-annotation of orthologous ORFs. It is possible that Fraser et al. have already changed some annotations.

[In our annotation we have choosen in each case of significant similarity the corresponding ORF from other bacteria (except MG). In the cases where we have not found a significant similarity to orthologous ORFs of other bacteria, we annotated the corresponding MG-ORF.]
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MG-ORF         Fraser et al.-Annotation (incomplete description)    MP-ORF            MP-Annotation   

MG(M2) Not annotated by Fraser et al. A19_orf277 formamidopyrimidine-DNA glycosylase (fpg); BACFI MG002 heat shock protein (dnaJ) K05_orf309 DnaJ homolog protein; YEAST = dnaJ-box homolog! MG006 thymidylate kinase (CDC8) {Saccharomyces cerevis D12_orf210 hypothetical protein (yaaP) homolog; BACSU MG007 DNA polymerase III subunit (dnaH) {Bacillus subt D12_orf253 DNA polymerase III subunit delta' (holB); ECOLI MG010 DNA primase (dnaE) {Clostridium acetobutylicum} D12_orf212 DNA primase motif (dnaG); CLOAB MG027 methionyl-tRNA synthetase (metS) B01_orf168 MG027 homolog, MYCGE MG031 DNA polymerase III (polC) B01_orf1443 DNA polymerase III (dnaE) alpha chain (3'-5' exonuclease); BACSU MG032 ATP-dependent nuclease (addA) B01_orf338 MG032 homolog, MYCGE MG032 ATP-dependent nuclease (addA) B01_orf666 MG032 homolog, MYCGE MG032 ATP-dependent nuclease (addA) B01_orf672 MG032 homolog, MYCGE MG032 ATP-dependent nuclease (addA) B01_orf673 MG032 homolog, MYCGE MG032 ATP-dependent nuclease (addA) {Bacillus subtilis B01_orf186L MG032 homolog, MYCGE MG059 small protein (smpB) D09_orf147 hypothetical protein (A43259) homolog; ENTHR MG060 lipopolysaccharide biosynthesis protein (rfbV) D09_orf299 hypothetical protein (ywdF) homolog; BACSU MG067 glutamic acid specific protease (SPase) R02_orf533 putative lipoprotein, MG067 homolog, MYCGE MG074 phosphoribosylpyrophosphate synthetase (prs) G07_orf135 MG074 homolog, MYCGE MG075 small protein (smpB) {Escherichia coli} G07_orf1030 protein P100; MYCPN MG076 lipopolysaccharide biosynthesis protein (rfbV) G07_orf138 MG076 homolog, MYCGE MG085 hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA reductase (NADPH) G07_orf312 MG085 homolog, MYCGE MG094 replicative DNA helicase (dnaB) {Escherichia col G07_orf473 replicative DNA helicase (dnaC); BACSU MG098 p48 eggshell protein (p48) {Schistosoma mansoni} G07_orf479 MG098 homolog, MYCGE MG099 hydrolase (aux2) {Agrobacterium rhizogenes} G07_orf478V amidase homolog (S47454); YEAST MG120 ribose transport system permease protein (rbsC) A65_orf517 MG120 homolog, MYCGE MG121 hypothetical protein (SP:P32720) {Escherichia co A65_orf311 high affinity ribose transport protein (rbsC); HAEIN MG123 hypothetical protein (GB:M91593_1) {Mycoplasma m A65_orf475 MG123 homolog, MYCGE MG125 hypothetical protein (GB:L10328_61) {Escherichia A65_orf281 hypothetical protein (gi: 973220) homolog; ECOLI MG129 PTS glucose-specific permease {Bacillus stearoth A65_orf117 MG129 homolog, MYCGE MG132 hypothetical protein (SP:P32083) {Mycoplasma hyo A65_orf144 hypothetical protein (hit1) homolog; YEAST MG135 hypothetical protein 4 (GP:Z33006_1) {Trypanosom A65_orf285 MG135 homolog, MYCGE MG137 dTDP-4-dehydrorhamnose reductase (rfbD) {Klebsie A65_orf399V protein (yefE) homolog; ECOLI MG139 hypothetical protein (GB:L18927_2) {Buchnera aph A65_orf569 MG139 homolog, MYCGE MG145 protein X {Pseudomonas fluorescens} VXpSPT7_orf269 hypothetical protein (yaaC) homolog; PSEFL MG148 hypothetical protein (GB:L18965_6) {Thermophilic VXpSPT7_orf445 MG148 homolog, MYCGE MG179 haemolysin secretion ATP-binding protein (hlyB) GT9_orf274 sulfate transport ATP-binding protein (cysA); SYNP MG179 haemolysin secretion ATP-binding protein (hlyB) F10_orf326 protein (bcrA) homolog; BACLI MG194 phenylalanyl-tRNA synthetase beta-subunit (pheS) C09_orf341 phenylalanyl-tRNA synthetase alpha-subunit (pheS); BACSU MG200 heat shock protein (dnaJ) C09_orf910 DnaJ homolog protein, MYCCA = DnaJ_box -Homolog MG213 hypothetical protein (GB:L09228_16) H10_orf506 dihyrofolate reductase (dyr) homolog protein; ENTFC MG217 bifunctional endo-1,4-beta-xylanase xyla precurs F10_orf405 protein P65; MYCPN MG218 F10_orf1818 cytadherence accessory hmw2 protein; MYCPN MG220 pre-procytotoxin (vacA) {Helicobacter pylori} F10_orf90 MG220 homolog, MYCGE MG225 hypothetical protein (GB:U14003_71) {Escherichia F10_orf491 hypothetical protein (gi: 710640) homolog (put. amino acid permease);CLOPE MG233 ribosomal protein L21 homolog {Mycoplasma genita F10_orf100a hypothetical protein (ysxB) homolog; BACSU MG240 hypothetical protein (GB:M91593_1) F10_orf291 MG240 homolog, MYCGE MG248 major sigma factor (rpoD) {Listeria monocytogene H91_orf213 MG248 homolog; MYCGE MG250 DNA primase (dnaE) {Bacillus subtilis} H91_orf620 DNA primase (dnaG); BACSU MG255 H91_orf534 MG255 homolog, MYCGE MG263 hypothetical protein (GB:L10328_61) {Escherichia A19_orf292 hypothetical protein (yidA) homolog; ECOLI MG264 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase (gnd) {Escheric A19_orf200 hypothetical protein (HI0890) homolog; HAEIN MG265 hypothetical protein (GB:L10328_61) {Escherichia A19_orf282 hypothetical protein (yidA) homolog; ECOLI MG268 deoxyguanosine/deoxyadenosine kinase(I) subunit F11_orf229 hypothetical protein (yaaF) homolog; BACSU MG269 surface protein antigen precursor (pag) {Strepto F11_orf358b MG269 homolog, MYCGE MG270 hypothetical protein (GB:U14003_297) {Escherichi F11_orf339 lipoate protein ligase (lplA); ECOLI MG277 spore germination apparatus protein (gerBB) {Bac F11_orf887 MG277 homolog, MYCGE MG278 (MG376) stringent response-like protein (rel) {Streptoco F11_orf733 stringent response protein (spoT); ECOLI MG280 sensory rhodopsin II transducer (htrII) {Natrono F11_orf287 MG280 homolog, MYCGE MG287 nodulation protein F (nodF) {Rhizobium leguminos F11_orf84 (acyl carrier protein; STRGA) MG288 protein L {Peptostreptococcus magnus} F04_orf260V MG288 homolog, MYCGE MG288 (MG096) protein L {Peptostreptococcus magnus} D09_orf632 MG288 homolog, MYCGE MG288 (MG096) protein L {Peptostreptococcus magnus} F04_orf154 MG288 homolog, MYCGE MG288 (MG096) protein L {Peptostreptococcus magnus} G07_orf417 MG288 homolog, MYCGE MG288 (MG096) protein L {Peptostreptococcus magnus} P02_orf427 MG288 homolog, MYCGE MG288 (MG096) protein L {Peptostreptococcus magnus} P02_orf509 MG288 homolog, MYCGE MG294 hypothetical protein (GB:L19201_18) {Escherichia A05_orf475 MG294 homolog, MYCGE MG310 proline iminopeptidase (pip) {Bacillus coagulans H08_orf289 triacylglycerol lipase (lip) 3; Mycoplasma sp MG313 cytadherence-accessory protein (hmw1) H08_orf263 MG313 homolog, MYCGE MG314 hypothetical protein (GP:L38997_4) H08_orf448 MG314 homolog, MYCGE MG315 cytadherence accessory protein (hmw1) H08_orf314 MG315 homolog, MYCGE MG318 fibronectin-binding protein (fnbA) {Staphylococc H08_orf274 30K adhesin-related protein; MYCPN MG324 aminopeptidase P (pepP) {Escherichia coli} P01_orf354 X-Pro dipeptidase (pepX); LACDE MG326 hypothetical protein (GB:Z18629_1) {Bacillus sub P01_orf293 homolog (degV) protein; BACSU MG327 magnesium-chelatase 30 kDa subunit (bchO) {Rhodo P01_orf268 triacylglycerol lipase (lip) 2; MYCMY MG328 protein V (fcrV) {Streptococcus sp.} P01_orf1033 MG328 homolog, MYCGE MG329 hypothetical protein (GB:U00021_5) {Mycobacteriu P01_orf292 hypothetical protein (HI0136) (era like) homolog; HAEIN MG364 mobilization protein (mob13) {Leuconostoc oenos} G12_orf218 MG364 homolog, MYCGE MG371 hypothetical protein (GB:D26185_10) {Bacillus su G12_orf325 hypothetical 28K protein (P1 operon) homolog; MYCPN MG377 H03_orf193o MG377 homolog (put. zinc protease), MYCGE MG385 H03_orf237 glycerophosphoryl diester phosphodiesterase (glpQ); STAAU MG386 cytadherence-accessory protein (hmw1) {Mycoplasm D02_orf1036o protein P200; MYCPN MG388 hypothetical protein (GB:U00016_19) {Mycobacteri D02_orf108 MG388 homolog, MYCGE MG396 galactosidase acetyltransferase (lacA) {Streptoc D02_orf152 galactose-6-phosphate isomerase subunit (lacA); STRMU MG406 transport permease P69 C12_orf157L ATP synthase protein I (atpI); MYCGA MG413 (MG414) hypothetical protein (GB:L22432_4) C12_orf334 MG413 homolog, MYCGE MG420 (= DNA polymerase III subunit (dnaH) C12_orf681 DNA polymerase III subunit gamma and tau (dnaX); ECOLI C-Term:MG419) MG434 mukB suppressor protein (smbA) C12_orf235 uridylate kinase (pyrH); ECOLI MG438 restriction-modification enzyme EcoD E30_orf375 MG438 homolog, MYCGE MG442 hypothetical protein (GB:U00021_5) K05_orf271 MG442 homolog, MYCGE MG447 hypothetical protein (GB:L08897_1) K05_orf499 MG447 homolog, MYCGE MG449 K05_orf234 MG449 homolog, MYCGE MG450 K05_orf237 homolog (degV) protein; BACSU MG459 surface exclusion protein (prgA) K05_orf169 hypothetical protein (HI0671) homolog; HAEIN MG461 hypothetical protein (GB:X73124_94) K05_orf425 MG461 homolog, MYCGE MG464 hypothetical protein (GB:D14982_3) K05_orf385 hypothetical protein 1 (S42122); MYCCA MG470 SpoOJ regulator {Bacillus subtilis} K05_orf270 protein (soj) homolog; BACSU