This list contains all ORFs which are known to be expressed in M. pneumoniae so far. All Data is based
on Literature, specific Antibodies, N-terminal Sequencing. Most of the ORFs were analized by Thomas
Proft who worked during his PhD on the identification an characterization of gene products of M.
pneumoniae. In the comment column is the name of the N-terminus or the scource.

[TP] Thomas Proft; [RHi] Ralf Himmelreich; [JP] Jorgos Pryowolakis; [JR] Joerg Regula
ORF Name           Description                                                           Comment                               
A05_orf337         glycerladehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase(gap), CLOPA                  (HepC-11)[TP]                         
A05_orf409         phosphoglycerate kinase (pgk); THEMA                                  (HepC-10) (=slp-4)[TP]                
A05_orf595         DnaK protein, ERYRH                                                   (slp-1) (Cubip-3) (HEST-1)[TP][RHi]   
A19_orf292         hypothetical protein (YidA) homolog; ECOLI                            (Zn-8) (Zibip-7) (Zn-9)[TP]           
A65_orf711         DNA topoisomerase I (topA); BACSU                                     (HepC-5)[TP]                          
B01_orf288         fructose-bisphosphate aldolase (tsr); BACSU                           (Zibip-8)[TP]                         
C12_orf298         elongation factor Ts (tsf); SPICI                                     (Hep-16)[TP]                          
D02_orf1036o       protein P200; MYCPN                                                   (D2-1C-Alu = z32646)[TP]              
D02_orf116         heat shock protein GroES; BACSU                                       (HEST-10) [TP][RHi]                   
D02_orf207         ATP synthase B chain (atpF); MYCGA                                    lipid-modification![JP]               
D02_orf543         heat shock protein GroEL; BACSU                                       (Cubip-5) [TP][RHi]                   
D09_orf238         purine-nucleoside phosphorylase (deoD); ECOLI                         (Zn-11)[TP]                           
D09_orf320         transcription antitermination factor (nusG); BACSU                    (HepB-15)[TP]                         
D09_orf88          phosphocarrier protein HPr (ptsH); MYCCA                              (HEST-14)[TP]                         
D12_orf390o        heat shock protein (DnaJ); BACSU                                      [RHi]                                 
D12_orf420         seryl-tRNA synthetase (serS); BACSU                                   (HepB-11)[TP]                         
E07_orf1218        hypothetical 130K protein (orf6; P1 operon); MYCPN                    [Inamine]                             
E07_orf1627        adhesin P1 (orf5, P1 operon); MYCPN                                   [Su][                                 
E07_orf179         -                                                                     (E7BVIII-2 = z32650)[TP]              
E07_orf265         MG260 homolog, MYCGE                                                  MPDPP3 (E7BVIII-5 = z32651)[TP]       
E09_orf204o        protein P30, MYCPN                                                    MPDPP4 (E9_4B)[TP]                    
E30_orf184         ribosome releasing factor (frr); HAEIN                                (HS-2)[TP]                            
F10_orf141b        hypothetical protein YabB homolog; ECOLI                              (HEST-6)[TP]                          
F10_orf1818        cytadherence accessory hmw2 protein; MYCPN                            [Krause]                              
F10_orf339         ribonucleotide reductase 2 (nrdF); SALTY                              (HepA-9)[TP]                          
F10_orf405         P65 protein; MYCPN                                                    (F10-2B= z32653, F10-2D= z32655)[TP]
F10_orf444         trigger factor (tig); HAEIN                                           (HepB-8; F10-3C = z32656)[TP]         
F10_orf721         ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase (nrdE); SALTY                    (HepB-5)[TP]                          
F10_orf795         ATP-dependent protease (lon); BACSU                                   [RHi]                                 
F11_orf160         transcription elongation factor (greA); RICPR                         [Goebel]                              
F11_orf327         pyruvate dehydrogenase E1-beta subunit (pdhB); ACHLA                  XKXIQFNNIE [JR]
F11_orf402         dihydrolipoamide acetyltransferase component (E2) (pdhC); ACHLA       (Cu-6)[TP]                            
F11_orf793o        leucyl-tRNA synthetase (leuS); BACSU                                  (HepB-4)[TP]                          
G07_orf1030        protein P100; MYCPN                                                   (G7-4A = z32666)[TP]                  
G07_orf166         single-stranded DNA binding protein (ssb); HAEIN                      MPDPP11(G7-4G = z32660)[TP]           
G12_orf122         ribosomal protein L7/L12 ('A' type) (rpL7/L12); MICLU                 (HEST-11)[TP]                         
G12_orf168         -                                                                     (G12-3B = z32657)[TP]                 
GT9_orf127         ADP1_MYCPN adhesin P1 precursor homolog; MYCPN                        MYCP1B[TP]                            
H03_orf237         glycerophosphoryl diester phosphodiesterase (glpQ); STAAU             ORFp28[TP]                            
H08_orf1018        cytadherence-accessory protein (hmw1); MYCPN                          (H8-1F= z32661,H8-3C= z32662)[Krause][TP]
H08_orf1325        putative lipoprotein, MG309 homolog, MYCGE                            ORFp(C)[TP]                           
H08_orf274         30K adhesin-related protein; MYCPN                                    ]Dallo|                               
H08_orf672         cytadherence accessory protein HMW3; MYCPN                            [Krause]                              
H10_orf184         prolipoprotein signal peptidase (lsp); STACA                          indirect Globomycin[JP]               
H10_orf508         pyruvate kinase (pyk); LACLA                                          (HepC-7)[TP]                          
H91_orf281         MG246 homolog, MYCGE                                                  (HepC-14)[TP]                         
H91_orf97          ribosomal protein L31 (rpL31); ECOLI                                  (HEST-12)[TP]                         
K05_orf101a        -                                                                     (K5-3D = z32664)[TP]                  
K05_orf151         pilin repressor (pilB) homolog; HAEIN                                 HS-4 (HS-3)[TP]                       
K05_orf312         L-lactate dehydrogenase (ldh); MYCHY                                  (HepB-17)[TP]                         
K05_orf380         DNA polymerase III beta subunit (dnaN); STAAU                         (ebp-3a) (Cubip-9)(Febip-3I)[TP]     
K05_orf394         elongation factor TU (tuf); MYCGE                                     (HepB-12)[TP]                         
K05_orf839o        DNA gyrase subunit A (gyrA); STAAU                                    (HepC-4)[TP]                          
P01_orf341         hypothetical protein YibD homolog; ECOLI                              ORFp40.5[TP]                          
P02_orf793         putative lipoprotein, MG260 homolog, MYCGE                            (Yes MPDPP3)[TP]                      
R02_orf541         putative lipoprotein, MG260 homolog, MYCGE                            (MPDPP3)[TP]                          
VXpSPT7_orf273     ribosomal protein S3 (rpS3); MYCCA                                    RS3_MYCPN[TP]                         
VXpSPT7_orf445     MG148 homolog, MYCGE                                                  (HepC-8)[TP]                          
A65_orf787o        putative lipoprotein, MG260 homolog, MYCGE                            ((MPDPP3=E7B8-5))[TP]                 
A65_orf794         putative lipoprotein, MG260 homolog, MYCGE                            ((MPDPP3))[TP]                        
E07_orf413         ADP1_MYCPN adhesin P1 precursor homolog; MYCPN                        MYCP1C; RT-PCR[Goehlmann]             
F11_orf339         lipoate protein ligase (lplA); ECOLI                                  ((Cu-10))[TP]                         
F11_orf760         putative lipoprotein, MG260 homolog, MYCGE                            ((MPDPP3=E07B8-5))[TP]                
G12_orf136         MG354 homolog, MYCGE                                                  ((G12-4A = z32658=30kD))[TP]          
GT9_orf760         putative lipoprotein, MG185 homolog, MYCGE                            ((MPDPP3=E7B8-5))[TP]                 
GT9_orf798         putative lipoprotein, MG260 homolog, MYCGE                            ((MPDPP3=E7B8-5))[TP]                 
H91_orf677         MG260 homolog, MYCGE                                                  ((MPDPP3))[TP] 

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