GC%    ORF-Name           Annotation                                                                       
27,6   R02_orf105         -                                                                                
27,7   R02_orf440         -                                                                                
28,1   D12_orf231         putative lipoprotein                                                             
28,6   R02_orf150         -                                                                                
28,9   E09_orf136         MG441 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
29,4   E09_orf364         mannitol-1-phosphate 5-dehyrogenase (EC; STRMU                   
29,5   H91_orf115         -                                                                                
29,7   A05_orf252         putative lipoprotein, MG440 homolog, MYCGE                                       
30     E09_orf143V        PTS system mannitol-specific component IIA (EIIA-MTL)(mtlF); STRMU               
30,1   D09_orf123         putative lipoprotein                                                             
30,2   P01_orf140         -                                                                                
30,3   P02_orf253         -                                                                                
30,3   H91_orf376         Type 1 restriction enzyme (hsdR) homolog; ECOLI                                  
30,4   G12_orf328b        MG350 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
30,9   C09_orf718         -                                                                                
30,9   C09_orf165         -                                                                                
30,9   R02_orf329         -                                                                                
30,9   C12_orf334         MG413 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
30,9   E09_orf136L        -                                                                                
31     R02_orf101         -                                                                                
31,2   E09_orf302         MG440 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
31,3   P01_orf101         putative lipoprotein                                                             
31,3   A65_orf251a        putative lipoprotein, MG440 homolog, MYCGE                                       
31,3   D12_orf235         -                                                                                
31,3   H91_orf253         putative lipoprotein                                                             
31,4   E07_orf140         -                                                                                
31,4   E09_orf276         putative lipoprotein, MG440 homolog, MYCGE                                       
31,5   C09_orf149b        adhesin P1 (group 2) homolog; MYCPN                                              
31,7   H91_orf164         hypothetical protein (HI0858) homolog;  HAEIN                                    
32,2   E09_orf277         putative lipoprotein, MG440 homolog, MYCGE                                       
32,2   E09_orf283b        putative lipoprotein, MG439 homolog, MYCGE                                       
32,2   E09_orf279         putative lipoprotein, MG439 homolog, MYCGE                                       
32,4   F11_orf218         MG279 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
32,6   E09_orf101         putative lipoprotein                                                             
32,6   H91_orf206         Type 1 restriction enzyme (hsdR) homolog; ECOLI                                  
32,7   C12_orf344         MG415 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
32,8   H91_orf543         type I restriction enzyme (hsdM); ECOLI                                          
32,8   P02_orf363V        type I restriction enzyme ecokI specificity protein (hsdS) homolog; HAEIN        
32,9   A65_orf166         MG260 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
33     C09_orf422         -                                                                                
33     C09_orf404         -                                                                                
33     C09_orf251         -                                                                                
33,1   A05_orf380V        high affinity transport system protein P37; MYCHR                                
33,3   E09_orf300         putative lipoprotein, MG439 homolog, MYCGE                                       
33,3   A19_orf229V        -                                                                                
33,5   B01_orf147         -                                                                                
33,5   E30_orf352         -                                                                                
33,5   E09_orf129         putative lipoprotein                                                             
33,5   E09_orf283a        putative lipoprotein, MG439 homolog, MYCGE                                       
33,5   G12_orf664         MG366 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
33,5   G12_orf140b        -                                                                                
33,7   G12_orf348         MG343 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
33,8   K05_orf380         DNA polymerase III beta subunit (dnaN); STAAU                                    
33,8   A65_orf118         -                                                                                
33,8   D02_orf302         putative lipoprotein, MG068 homolog, MYCGE                                       
33,8   D02_orf129         MG389 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
33,8   H91_orf268         type I restriction enzyme ecokI specificity protein (hsdS) homolog; HAEIN        
33,9   C09_orf104         (MG191 homolog, MYCGE)                                                           
34     B01_orf116L        -                                                                                
34,1   P02_orf126         -                                                                                
34,2   A05_orf244         ATP-binding protein P29; MYCHR                                                   
34,2   C12_orf997         MG414 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
34,2   C12_orf181o        -                                                                                
34,2   H10_orf145L        type I restriction enzyme ecokI specificity protein (hsdS) homolog; HAEIN        
34,3   K05_orf101a        -                                                                                
34,3   H08_orf572o        MG307 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
34,4   P02_orf509         MG288 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
34,4   GT9_orf238         type I restriction enzyme ecokI specificity protein (hsdS) homolog; HAEIN        
34,5   VXpSPT7_orf112     -                                                                                
34,5   G12_orf136         MG354 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
34,6   E09_orf379         PTS system mannitol-specific component IIA (EIIA-MTL)(mtlA); ECOLI               
34,8   D02_orf109         -                                                                                
34,8   G12_orf87          ribosomal protein S20 (rpsT); ECOLI                                              
34,9   C12_orf249         restriction-modification enzyme subunit S1B (hsdS); MYCPU                        
34,9   P02_orf103b        -                                                                                
35     F11_orf287         MG280 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
35     A65_orf794         putative lipoprotein, MG260 homolog, MYCGE                                       
35,1   F10_orf621         MG241 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
35,1   G12_orf168         -                                                                                
35,2   R02_orf335         type I restriction enzyme ecokI specificity protein (hsdS) homolog; HAEIN        
35,2   H08_orf237         putative lipoprotein, MG307 homolog, MYCGE                                       
35,2   G12_orf282a        ribonuclease III (rnc); ECOLI                                                    
35,2   A65_orf787o        putative lipoprotein, MG260 homolog, MYCGE                                       
35,2   D12_orf212         DNA primase motif (dnaG); CLOAB                                                  
35,2   D02_orf122b        -                                                                                
35,2   F11_orf84          (acyl carrier protein; STRGA)                                                    
35,2   D02_orf135L        MG067 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
35,3   C09_orf180         -                                                                                
35,3   P02_orf793         putative lipoprotein, MG260 homolog, MYCGE                                       
35,3   G12_orf413         MG349 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
35,4   H91_orf715         DNA helicase II (mutB1); HAEIN                                                   
35,5   E07_orf166         -                                                                                
35,6   D09_orf657         putative lipoprotein, MG040 homolog, MYCGE                                       
35,6   D02_orf347         MG067 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
35,6   H91_orf677         MG260 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
35,8   C12_orf225         phosphate transport system regulatory protein (phoU); ECOLI                      
35,8   P02_orf196         -                                                                                
35,8   G12_orf104         MG376 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
35,8   G12_orf225         -                                                                                
35,8   D02_orf569         MG397 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
35,8   H91_orf239         hypothetical protein (ygiH) homolog; ECOLI                                       
35,9   P02_orf427         MG288 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
35,9   A19_orf277         formamidopyrimidine-DNA glycosylase (fpg); BACFI                                 
35,9   A65_orf493         hypothetical protein (ysr1) homolog; MYCMY                                       
35,9   D02_orf217L        putative lipoprotein, MG395 homolog, MYCGE                                       
35,9   H03_orf237         glycerophosphoryl diester phosphodiesterase (glpQ); STAAU                        
35,9   H91_orf213         MG248 homolog; MYCGE                                                             
36     D12_orf285         MG011 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
36     GT9_orf798         putative lipoprotein, MG260 homolog, MYCGE                                       
36     C12_orf157L        ATP synthase protein I (atpI); MYCGA                                             
36     B01_orf186L        MG032 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
36,1   E09_orf290         putative lipoprotein, MG439 homolog, MYCGE                                       
36,1   P01_orf199         -                                                                                
36,1   H10_orf187V        HsdS1B protein homolog; MYCPU                                                    
36,2   E07_orf485         MG260 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
36,2   H08_orf345         MG307 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
36,2   G12_orf272V        triacylglycerol lipase (lip) 3; MYCMY                                            
36,3   B01_orf338         MG032 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
36,3   K05_orf119         ribosomal protein L19 (rpL19); BACST                                             
36,3   H91_orf97          ribosomal protein L31 (rpL31); ECOLI                                             
36,4   E30_orf395         CDP-diglyceride synthetase (cdsA); HAEIN                                         
36,4   A65_orf377         MG260 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
36,4   D02_orf157L        MG395 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
36,4   R02_orf183o        -                                                                                
36,5   B01_orf103b        -                                                                                
36,5   A05_orf102         hypothetical 13.2 KD protein homolog (ylxM); BACSU                               
36,5   A05_orf542         transport system permease protein P69; MYCHR                                     
36,5   F11_orf229         hypothetical protein (yaaF) homolog; BACSU                                       
36,5   F11_orf114         MG267 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
36,6   F10_orf419         MG223 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
36,6   F11_orf733         stringent response protein (spoT); ECOLI                                         
36,6   D12_orf131         -                                                                                
36,6   H03_orf152         -                                                                                
36,7   F10_orf326         protein (bcrA) homolog; BACLI                                                    
36,7   D02_orf225L        MG068 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
36,8   E07_orf179         -                                                                                
36,8   G07_orf417         MG288 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
36,8   G07_orf1030        protein P100; MYCPN                                                              
36,8   D02_orf439         putative lipoprotein, MG068 homolog, MYCGE                                       
36,8   H91_orf224         MG243 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
36,8   F10_orf632o        MG242 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
36,9   E07_orf228         -                                                                                
36,9   E30_orf184         ribosome releasing factor (frr); HAEIN                                           
36,9   G07_orf454         putative lipoprotein, MG095 homolog, MYCGE                                       
36,9   F04_orf260V        MG288 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
36,9   GT9_orf148         MG260 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
37     B01_orf672         MG032 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
37     D09_orf299         hypothetical protein (ywdF) homolog; BACSU                                       
37     D09_orf125         MG055 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
37     H08_orf726         MG307 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
37     H03_orf235         MG381 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
37,1   E07_orf163         -                                                                                
37,1   C09_orf121         MG202 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
37,1   R02_orf140         -                                                                                
37,1   K05_orf251         MG452 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
37,1   H10_orf184         prolipoprotein signal peptidase (lsp); STACA                                     
37,1   G12_orf184         inorganic pyrophosphatase (ppa); THEAC                                           
37,1   P01_orf341         hypothetical protein (yibD) homolog; ECOLI                                       
37,1   A65_orf475         MG123 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
37,1   H03_orf191         glucose inhibited division protein (gidB); ECOLI                                 
37,1   GT9_orf113         -                                                                                
37,2   K05_orf271         MG442 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
37,2   C12_orf247         -                                                                                
37,2   VXpSPT7_orf445     MG148 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
37,2   A19_orf291         DNA polymerase I (polA, 5'-3' exonuclease) homolog; STRPN                        
37,2   G12_orf269         MG374 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
37,2   G12_orf109         MG353 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
37,2   H91_orf180         -                                                                                
37,2   E09_orf204o        protein P30, MYCPN                                                               
37,3   G12_orf305         putative lipoprotein, MG348 homolog, MYCGE                                       
37,3   F11_orf148o        -                                                                                
37,4   A65_orf145         hypothetical protein (ygl1) homolog; STRVR                                       
37,4   H91_orf529         DNA helicase (pcrA) homolog; STAAU                                               
37,4   G07_orf138         MG076 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
37,5   E09_orf287o        MG439 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
37,5   G12_orf166a        MG342 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
37,5   A65_orf266         MG133 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
37,5   D02_orf150         MG068 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
37,5   D02_orf291         GTP-binding protein era homolog; STRMU                                           
37,5   GT9_orf760         putative lipoprotein, MG185 homolog, MYCGE                                       
37,6   C12_orf839         MG422 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
37,6   F11_orf122a        MG284 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
37,6   P01_orf53          ribosomal protein L33 (rpL33); BACST                                             
37,6   D02_orf122a        -                                                                                
37,6   D02_orf116         heat shock protein (groES); BACSU                                                
37,6   K05_orf106         -                                                                                
37,7   E30_orf375         MG438 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
37,7   H91_orf281         MG246 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
37,7   GT9_orf37          ribosomal protein L36 (rpL36); CHLTR                                             
37,8   E07_orf794         putative lipoprotein, MG260 homolog, MYCGE                                       
37,8   F10_orf741         -                                                                                
37,8   G12_orf281         MG373 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
37,8   G12_orf206         Holliday junction DNA helicase (ruvA); ECOLI                                     
37,8   A65_orf227         phosphatidylglycerophosphate synthase (pgsA); HAEIN                              
37,8   D02_orf660         lactococcin transport ATP-binding protein (lcnDR3); LACLA                        
37,8   D09_orf518         MG096 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
37,9   A05_orf395         MG306 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
37,9   G12_orf311         methionyl-tRNA formyltransferase (fmt); ECOLI                                    
37,9   G12_orf210V        hypothetical protein (HI0340) homolog; HAEIN                                     
37,9   A65_orf223         MG117 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
37,9   D02_orf128         -                                                                                
38     R02_orf541         putative lipoprotein, MG260 homolog, MYCGE                                       
38     K05_orf345         MG456 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
38     G12_orf715         ATP-dependent protease binding subunit (clpB) homolog; HAEIN                     
38     K04_orf239         5'guanylate kinase (gmk); HAEIN                                                  
38,1   A05_orf1244        putative lipoprotein, MG307 homolog, MYCGE                                       
38,1   C09_orf172         -                                                                                
38,1   K05_orf270         protein (soj) homolog; BACSU                                                     
38,1   D09_orf632         MG288 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
38,1   F10_orf158         MG236 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
38,1   F10_orf491         hypothetical protein (gi: 710640) homolog (put. amino acid permease); CLOPE      
38,1   A19_orf200         hypothetical protein (HI0890) homolog; HAEIN                                     
38,1   G12_orf282b        LicA protein (licA) homolog; HAEIN                                               
38,1   A65_orf281         hypothetical protein (gi: 973220) homolog; ECOLI                                 
38,1   H91_orf534         MG255 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
38,2   C09_orf140o        -                                                                                
38,2   D09_orf485         putative lipoprotein, MG045 homolog, MYCGE                                       
38,2   G12_orf326         hypothetical protein (HI0176) homolog; HAEIN                                     
38,2   D12_orf288         ribosomal protein S6 modification protein (rimK); ECOLI                          
38,2   H91_orf216         -                                                                                
38,3   E07_orf133         -                                                                                
38,3   H10_orf119         -                                                                                
38,3   F10_orf218         -                                                                                
38,3   F11_orf879         -                                                                                
38,3   G12_orf166b        hypothetical protein (ygl3) homolog; BACST                                       
38,3   D02_orf178         ATP synthase delta chain (atpH); MYCGA                                           
38,3   H91_orf258         MG256 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
38,3   H91_orf330         type I restriction enzyme ecokI specificity protein (hsdS) homolog; HAEIN        
38,4   E07_orf265         MG260 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
38,4   C12_orf329         phosphate transport ATP-binding protein (pstB); ECOLI                            
38,4   D09_orf560L        spermidine/putrescine transport ATP-binding prot (potA); ECOLI                   
38,4   F10_orf380         cell division protein (ftsZ); BACSU                                              
38,4   A65_orf306         protein (prrB) homolog, ECOLI                                                    
38,4   D02_orf531         putative lipoprotein, MG395 homolog, MYCGE                                       
38,5   H10_orf196         MG208 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
38,5   A19_orf282         hypothetical protein (yidA) homolog; ECOLI                                       
38,5   A19_orf1140        -                                                                                
38,5   G12_orf861         isoleucine-tRNA ligase (ileS); STAAU                                             
38,5   D02_orf521         putative lipoprotein, MG395 homolog, MYCGE                                       
38,5   D09_orf88          phosphocarrier protein HPr (ptsH); MYCCA                                         
38,5   D02_orf265V        MG068 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
38,6   R02_orf524         MG068 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
38,6   D09_orf286b        spermidine/putrescine transport system permease (potB); HAEIN                    
38,6   F10_orf291         MG240 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
38,6   F10_orf100b        ribosomal protein L21 (rpL21); BACSU                                             
38,7   C09_orf201         translation initiation factor IF3 (infC); MYCFE                                  
38,7   A05_orf129         MG296 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
38,7   F10_orf357         -                                                                                
38,7   F04_orf154         MG288 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
38,7   K04_orf280         MG103 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
38,7   A65_orf117         MG129 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
38,8   B01_orf108         hypothetical protein (gi: 606093) homolog; ECOLI                                 
38,8   C12_orf651V        phosphate transport system permease protein (pstA); ECOLI                        
38,8   G07_orf149         ribosomal protein L9 (rpL9); BACST                                               
38,8   GT9_orf319V        adenine-specific methyltransferase EcoRI (mte1); ECOLI                           
38,9   E07_orf329         sn-glycerol-3-phosphate transport system permease protein (ugpA); ECOLI          
38,9   C12_orf172         MG428 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
38,9   F10_orf750         putative ABC transport permease                                                  
38,9   VXpSPT7_orf320     putative lipoprotein, MG149 homolog, MYCGE                                       
38,9   F11_orf760         putative lipoprotein, MG260 homolog, MYCGE                                       
39     K05_orf234         MG449 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
39     D09_orf127a        -                                                                                
39     H03_orf193o        MG377 homolog (put. zinc protease), MYCGE                                        
39,1   D09_orf147         hypothetical protein (A43259) homolog; ENTHR                                     
39,1   G12_orf387         MG372 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
39,1   P01_orf293         homolog (degV) protein; BACSU                                                    
39,1   K04_orf222         MG101 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
39,1   D02_orf353V        MG068 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
39,1   F10_orf90          MG220 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
39,2   P02_orf458         MG096 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
39,2   F10_orf444         trigger factor (tig); HAEIN                                                      
39,2   G07_orf135         MG074 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
39,2   G12_orf122         ribosomal protein L7/L12 ('A' type) (rpL7/L12); MICLU                            
39,3   D09_orf384         aerobic glycerol-3-phospate dehydrogenase (glpD); ECOLI                          
39,3   G07_orf104b        ribosomal protein S18 (rpS18); ECOLI                                             
39,3   G12_orf564         threonyl-tRNA synthetase (thrSv); BACSU                                          
39,3   G12_orf328a        fatty acid/phospholipid synthesis protein (plsX); ECOLI                          
39,3   A65_orf399V        protein (yefE) homolog; ECOLI                                                    
39,4   C09_orf217         heat shock protein (grpE), HAEIN                                                 
39,4   C09_orf223         -                                                                                
39,4   F10_orf1818        cytadherence accessory (hmw2) protein; MYCPN                                     
39,4   F11_orf582         MG281 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
39,4   G12_orf218         MG364 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
39,4   A65_orf102         thioredoxin (trx); YEAST                                                         
39,4   H91_orf102         putative lipoprotein, MG260 homolog, MYCGE                                       
39,4   H91_orf453         possible protoporphyrinogen oxidase (hemK); ECOLI                                
39,5   C09_orf159         MG207 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
39,5   H10_orf506         dihyrofolate reductase (dyr) homolog protein; ENTFC                              
39,5   H08_orf263         MG313 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
39,5   G07_orf479         MG098 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
39,5   G07_orf473         replicative DNA helicase (dnaC); BACSU                                           
39,5   G07_orf188         peptidyl-tRNA hydrolase homolog (pth); HAEIN                                     
39,5   A19_orf292         hypothetical protein (yidA) homolog; ECOLI                                       
39,5   G12_orf558         MG369 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
39,5   F04_orf150         -                                                                                
39,5   P01_orf193         hypothetical protein (yihA) (era like) homolog; ECOLI                            
39,5   K04_orf430         phosphoglucose isomerase B (pgiB); BACST                                         
39,5   K04_orf278L        hypothetical protein (yjeQ) homolog; ECOLI                                       
39,6   C09_orf351         protein (hrcA) homolog, BACSU                                                    
39,6   R02_orf147         MG260 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
39,6   K05_orf439         chromosomal replication initiator protein (dnaA); MYCCA                          
39,6   P01_orf243         -                                                                                
39,6   A65_orf115         -                                                                                
39,6   D12_orf257         -                                                                                
39,6   D12_orf261         hypothetical protein (yabD) homolog; BACSU                                       
39,6   K04_orf216         polypeptide deformylase (def); HAEIN                                             
39,7   B01_orf673         MG032 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
39,7   B01_orf299V        trsB protein; YEREN                                                              
39,7   R02_orf469         MG061 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
39,7   C12_orf385         MG412 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
39,7   P02_orf140         MG337 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
39,7   H03_orf438         arginine deiminase (arcA); PSEPU                                                 
39,8   K05_orf169         hypothetical protein (HI0671) homolog; HAEIN                                     
39,8   C12_orf157         pilin repressor (pilB) homolog; HAEIN                                            
39,8   D09_orf286a        spermidine/putrescine transport system permease (potI); ECOLI                    
39,8   H08_orf369         (competence locus E (comE3); BACSU)                                              
39,8   A19_orf872         DNA polymerase III alpha subunit (dnaE); HAEIN                                   
39,8   A19_orf204         -                                                                                
39,8   D02_orf1036o       protein P200; MYCPN                                                              
39,8   H91_orf620         DNA primase (dnaG); BACSU                                                        
39,9   C09_orf805         phenylalanyl-tRNA synthetase beta chain (pheT); BACSU                            
39,9   K05_orf425         MG461 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
39,9   K05_orf210         tRNA (guanine-N1)-methyltransferase (trmD); HUMAN                                
39,9   A65_orf285         MG135 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
39,9   D02_orf140         MG395 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
40     B01_orf264         glycerol uptake facilitator (glpF); BACSU                                        
40     K05_orf88          ribosomal protein S16 (BS17); BACSU                                              
40     F10_orf308         hypothetical protein (yabC) homolog; ECOLI                                       
40     A65_orf251b        MG116 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
40,1   C09_orf341         phenylalanyl-tRNA synthetase alpha-subunit (pheS); BACSU                         
40,1   R02_orf300         1-phosphofructokinase (fruK); HAEIN                                              
40,1   K05_orf401         hypothetical protein (P27712); SPICI                                             
40,1   F10_orf328         thymidylate synthase (thyA); STAAU                                               
40,1   G07_orf389a        oligopeptide transport system permease protein (oppB); BACSU                     
40,1   G12_orf161         ribosomal protein L10 (rpL10); THEMA                                             
40,1   A65_orf259         hypothetical protein (HI0072) homolog; HAEIN                                     
40,1   A65_orf711         DNA topoisomerase I (topA); BACSU                                                
40,1   GT9_orf611         oligoendopeptidase F (pepF); LACLA                                               
40,1   GT9_orf303         histidine transport ATP-binding protein (hisP); ECOLI                            
40,1   H10_orf220L        -                                                                                
40,2   C12_orf298         elongation factor Ts (tsf); SPICI                                                
40,2   D09_orf133         cytidine deaminase (cdd); MYCPI                                                  
40,2   D09_orf508         glycerol kinase (glpK), HAEIN                                                    
40,2   F10_orf153         MG230 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
40,2   F04_orf120         -                                                                                
40,2   H91_orf499         RNA polymerase sigma-A factor (sigA); BACSU                                      
40,3   C12_orf681         DNA polymerase III subunit gamma and tau (dnaX); ECOLI                           
40,3   H10_orf309         hypothetical protein (yceC) homolog; ECOLI                                       
40,3   H08_orf448         MG314 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
40,3   F11_orf346         MG285 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
40,3   G12_orf325         hypothetical 28K protein (P1 operon) homolog; MYCPN                              
40,3   A65_orf572         hypothetical ABC transporter (yjcW) homolog; ECOLI                               
40,3   D02_orf108         MG388 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
40,4   B01_orf274         -                                                                                
40,4   D09_orf178         hypothetical protein (yabF) homolog; BACSU                                       
40,4   H08_orf1325        putative lipoprotein, MG309 homolog, MYCGE                                       
40,4   A65_orf144         hypothetical protein (hit1) homolog; YEAST                                       
40,5   B01_orf146         DNA-directed RNA polymerase delta subunit (rpoE); BACSU                          
40,5   K05_orf284         sulfate transport ATP-binding protein (cysA); SYNP                               
40,5   K05_orf175         hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferase (hpt); LACLA                      
40,5   P02_orf305         hypothetical protein (yjfW) homolog; ECOLI                                       
40,5   G12_orf390         acetate kinase (ackA); BACSU                                                     
40,5   P01_orf268         triacylglycerol lipase (lip) 2; MYCMY                                            
40,5   A65_orf100         hypothetical protein (yaaK) homolog; BACSU                                       
40,5   GT9_orf124a        ribosomal protein L17 (rpL17); BACSU                                             
40,5   GT9_orf78          initiation factor 1 (infA); BACSU                                                
40,6   E07_orf1113        MG140 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
40,6   C12_orf404         hypothetical protein (yfiB) homolog; SPICI                                       
40,6   H10_orf266         1-acyl-sn-glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase (slc1); YEAST                     
40,6   G07_orf389b        prolipoprotein diacylglyceryl transferase (lgt); ECOLI                           
40,6   G07_orf294         ribosomal protein S2 (rpS2); SPIPL                                               
40,6   K04_orf389         probable protein serine/threonine kinase (YKT3); CAEEL                           
40,6   A65_orf517         MG120 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
40,6   C12_orf86          ribosomal protein S15 (BS18); BACST                                              
40,7   A05_orf317         MG302 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
40,7   C12_orf293o        ATP synthase A chain (atpB); MYCGA                                               
40,7   P01_orf209         MG331 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
40,7   H03_orf537         arginyl-tRNA synthetase (argS); BRELA                                            
40,7   GT9_orf434         MG181 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
40,8   A05_orf382         abc transport ATP-binding protein (artP); ECOLI                                  
40,8   R02_orf533         putative lipoprotein, MG067 homolog, MYCGE                                       
40,8   R02_orf1386V       MG064 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
40,8   C12_orf146         ribosomal protein L13 (rpL13); ECOLI                                             
40,8   C12_orf132         ribosomal protein S9 (rpS9); BACST                                               
40,8   H10_orf149         MG211 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
40,8   P02_orf163         -                                                                                
40,8   F10_orf339         ribonucleotide reductase 2 (nrdF); SALTY                                         
40,8   K04_orf455o        asparaginyl-tRNA synthetase (asnS); ECOLI                                        
40,8   K04_orf215L        D-ribulose-5-phosphate 3 epimerase (cfxE); ALCEU                                 
40,9   E07_orf319         sn-glycerol-3-phosphate transport system permease protein (ugpE); ECOLI          
40,9   D02_orf346         MG068 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
41     P02_orf474         -                                                                                
41     P02_orf408         nitrogen fixation protein (nifS); HAEIN                                          
41     F10_orf503         general amino acid permease GAP1 homolog; YEAST                                  
41     VXpSPT7_orf237     ribosomal protein L23 (rpL23); THEMA                                             
41     G07_orf240         uracil DNA glycosylase (ung); ECOLI                                              
41     A19_orf129         -                                                                                
41     F11_orf887         MG277 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
41     D02_orf279         ATP synthase gamma chain (atpG); MYCGA                                           
41     H91_orf437         cysteinyl-tRNA synthetase (cysS); BACSU                                          
41     GT9_orf111a        ribosomal protein L24 (rpL24); BACST                                             
41,1   A05_orf475         MG294 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
41,1   A05_orf241a        glycerophosphoryl diester phosphodiesterase (glpQ); BACSU                        
41,1   D09_orf320         transcription antitermination factor (nusG); BACSU                               
41,1   VXpSPT7_orf377     MG147 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
41,1   G07_orf312         MG085 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
41,1   G12_orf412         UV protection protein (mucB); ECOLI                                              
41,1   K04_orf259         protein phoshatase 2C homolog (ptc1); YEAST                                      
41,2   E07_orf586         sn-glycerol-3-phosphate transport system permease protein (ugpC); ECOLI          
41,2   K05_orf499         MG447 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
41,2   G07_orf478o        protein (pet112) homolog; YEAST                                                  
41,2   GT9_orf940o        PTS system, glucose-specific IIABC component (EIIABC-GLC); BACSU                 
41,2   P01_orf1033        MG328 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
41,2   A65_orf311         high affinity ribose transport protein (rbsC); HAEIN                             
41,2   A65_orf338         UDP-glucose 4-epimerase (galE); STRTR                                            
41,3   C09_orf586L        excinuclease ABC subunit C (uvrC), BACSU                                         
41,3   R02_orf264         -                                                                                
41,3   K05_orf250         -                                                                                
41,3   H08_orf314         MG315 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
41,3   F10_orf565         -                                                                                
41,3   G07_orf166         single-stranded DNA binding protein (ssb); HAEIN                                 
41,3   F11_orf339         lipoate protein ligase (lplA); ECOLI                                             
41,3   P01_orf235         hypothetical protein (HI0315) homolog; HAEIN                                     
41,3   VXpSPT7_orf116     hypothetical protein (ylxO) homolog; BACSU                                       
41,4   C12_orf244         triosephosphate isomerase (tim); ECOLI                                           
41,4   H91_orf242a        hypothetical protein (yacO) (rRNA methylase) homolog; BACSU                      
41,5   B01_orf190         elongation factor P (efp) homolog; HAEIN                                         
41,5   H10_orf206         -                                                                                
41,5   H08_orf287         (cytochrome C oxidase polypeptide I (ctaD); BACSU)                               
41,5   P02_orf660         hypothetical protein (yjfS) homolog; ECOLI                                       
41,5   F10_orf795         ATP-dependent protease (lon); BACSU                                              
41,5   A19_orf591         -                                                                                
41,5   F11_orf197         MG286 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
41,5   D02_orf207         ATP synthase B chain (atpF); MYCGA                                               
41,5   H03_orf213         uridine kinase (udk); HAEIN                                                      
41,6   H10_orf208         hypothetical protein (P35155) homolog; BACSU                                     
41,6   A65_orf346         tryptophanyl-tRNA synthetase (trpS); HAEIN                                       
41,7   B01_orf512         methionyl-tRNA synthetase (metS); BACST                                          
41,7   A05_orf348         cell division protein (ftsY); ECOLI                                              
41,7   K05_orf385         hypothetical protein 1 (S42122); MYCCA                                           
41,7   P02_orf242         L-ribulose-5-phosphate 4-epimerase (araD); ECOLI                                 
41,7   H03_orf612         glucose inhibited division protein (gidA); ECOLI                                 
41,7   GT9_orf248         methionine amino peptidase (map); BACSU                                          
41,8   B01_orf203         MG028 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
41,8   B01_orf168         MG027 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
41,8   D09_orf451         pre-B cell enhancing factor homolog (pbeF); HUMAN                                
41,8   H08_orf289         triacylglycerol lipase (lip) 3; Mycoplasma sp                                    
41,8   F10_orf294         MG237 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
41,8   G07_orf478V        amidase homolog (S47454); YEAST                                                  
41,8   F11_orf160         transcription elongation factor (greA); RICPR                                    
41,8   G12_orf307         Holliday junction DNA helicase (ruvB); HAEIN                                     
41,9   B01_orf666         MG032 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
41,9   K05_orf1882        -                                                                                
41,9   C12_orf450         ATP-dependent RNA helicase (deaD); HAEIN                                         
41,9   D09_orf224         deoxyribose-phosphate aldolase (deoC); MYCPN                                     
41,9   H08_orf157b        MG321 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
41,9   H08_orf409         ATP-dependent RNA helicase (deaD); ECOLI                                         
41,9   G07_orf851         oligopeptide transport ATP-binding protein (oppF); BACSU                         
41,9   D12_orf1030        hypothetical helicase (yb95) homolog; YEAST                                      
41,9   D12_orf623         transport ATP-binding protein Pmd1; SCHPO                                        
41,9   D12_orf442         possible thiophene and furan oxidation protein (tdhF); BACSU                     
42     K05_orf118V        RNaseP C5 chain (rnpA); MYCCA                                                    
42     G07_orf289         hypothetical protein (yacA) homolog; BACSU                                       
42     F11_orf793o        leucyl-tRNA synthetase (leuS); BACSU                                             
42     P01_orf197         hypothetical protein (HI1366) homolog; HAEIN                                     
42     D02_orf133a        ATP synthase epsilon chain (atpC); MYCGA                                         
42     A05_orf290         hypothetical protein (yidA) homolog; ECOLI                                       
42,1   C09_orf143b        MG199 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
42,1   A05_orf900         alanyl-tRNA synthetase (alaS); ECOLI                                             
42,1   R02_orf465         glutamine transport ATP-binding protein (glnQ); ECOLI                            
42,1   R02_orf564o        hexosephosphate transport protein (uhpT); SALTY                                  
42,1   H08_orf150         putative lipoprotein, MG307 homolog, MYCGE                                       
42,1   F10_orf286         endonuclease IV (nfo); ECOLI                                                     
42,1   A65_orf489         lysyl-tRNA synthetase (lysS); BACSU                                              
42,2   C09_orf789         topoisomerase IV subunit A (parC), BACSU                                         
42,2   C12_orf235         uridylate kinase (pyrH); ECOLI                                                   
42,2   C12_orf561         MG423 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
42,2   H08_orf591         MG321 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
42,2   F10_orf721         ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase (nrdE); SALTY                               
42,2   F10_orf160         dihydrofolate reductase (EC; LACLA                                
42,2   F11_orf483         putative prolyl-tRNA synthetase (proS); YEAST                                    
42,2   F11_orf479         NADH oxidase (nox); ENTFA                                                        
42,2   D02_orf152         galactose-6-phosphate isomerase subunit (lacA); STRMU                            
42,2   D02_orf406         serine hydroxymethyltransferase (glyA); ACTAC                                    
42,2   C09_orf59          ribosomal protein L35 (rpL35); BACST                                             
42,3   R02_orf694         fructose-permease IIBC component (fruA); ECOLI                                   
42,3   K05_orf312         L-lactate dehydrogenase (ldh); MYCHY                                             
42,3   D12_orf269         5,10-methylene-tetrahydrofolate dehydrogenase (mtd1); HAEIN                      
42,4   R02_orf254         -                                                                                
42,4   C12_orf948L        excinuclease ABC subunit A (uvrA); ECOLI                                         
42,4   D09_orf276         hypothetical protein (yabC) homolog; BACSU                                       
42,4   D12_orf634         transport ATP-binding protein (msbA); HAEIN                                      
42,4   GT9_orf243V        pseudouridylate synthase I (hisT); ECOLI                                         
42,5   K05_orf309         DnaJ homolog protein; YEAST                                                      
42,5   K05_orf291         UDP-glucose pyrophosphorylase (gtaB); BACSU                                      
42,5   H08_orf231         hypothetical protein (yzaC) homolog; BACSU                                       
42,5   H08_orf1018        cytadherence-accessory protein (hmw1); MYCPN                                     
42,5   F10_orf104         ribosomal protein L27 (rpL27); BACSU                                             
42,5   VXpSPT7_orf212     ribosomal protein L4 (rpL4); MYCCA                                               
42,5   VXpSPT7_orf424     hemolysin (tlyC) homolog protein; HAEIN                                          
42,5   F11_orf358a        pyruvate dehydrogenase E1-alpha subunit (pdhA); ACHLA                            
42,5   K04_orf202         MG105 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
42,5   D12_orf253         DNA polymerase III subunit delta' (holB); ECOLI                                  
42,5   H91_orf359V        peptide chain release factor 1 (RF1; prfA);BACSU                                 
42,5   GT9_orf111b        ribosomal protein L29 (rpL29); THEMA                                             
42,6   B01_orf178         uracil phosphoribosyltransferase (upp); STRSL                                    
42,6   H10_orf328         6-phosphofructokinase (pfk); ECOLI                                               
42,6   D09_orf554         phosphomannomutase (cpsG); MYCPI                                                 
42,6   K04_orf726         virulence associated protein homolog (vacB); HAEIN                               
42,6   A65_orf581         GTP-binding membrane protein (lepA); HAEIN                                       
42,7   C09_orf130b        -                                                                                
42,7   H10_orf273o        ornithine caramoyl transferase (otc1); ECOLI                                     
42,7   K04_orf315         thioredoxin reductase (trxB); EUBAC                                              
42,7   H91_orf658         DNA ligase (lig); ECOLI                                                          
42,7   H91_orf449         glycyl-tRNA synthetase (grs1); YEAST                                             
42,8   E07_orf324         hypothetical 28K protein (orf4, P1 operon); MYCPN                                
42,8   C09_orf635         topoisomerase IV subunit B (parE), BACSU                                         
42,8   A05_orf270L        abc transport ATP-binding protein (cbiO), SALTY                                  
42,8   C12_orf456         enolase (eno) (EC; PLAFA                                               
42,8   H10_orf508         pyruvate kinase (pyk); LACLA                                                     
42,8   K05_orf48          ribosomal protein L34 (rpL34); PROMI                                             
42,8   D09_orf421         thymidine phosphorylase (deoA); MYCPI                                            
42,8   F11_orf358b        MG269 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
42,8   P01_orf838         valyl-tRNA synthetase (valS); BACST                                              
42,8   P01_orf292         hypothetical protein (HI0136) (era like) homolog; HAEIN                          
42,8   D02_orf543         heat shock protein (groEL); BACSU                                                
42,9   C09_orf910         DnaJ homolog protein, MYCCA                                                      
42,9   B01_orf362         hypothetical protein (yyaF) homolog; BACSU                                       
42,9   D09_orf383         S-adenosylmethionine synthetase 2 (metX); ECOLI                                  
42,9   D09_orf557         aspartyl-tRNA synthetase (aspS); THEAQ                                           
42,9   F10_orf141b        hypothetical protein (yabB) homolog; ECOLI                                       
42,9   G07_orf215         ribosomal protein S6 (rpS6); ECOLI                                               
42,9   GT9_orf274         sulfate transport ATP-binding protein (cysA); SYNP                               
43     H10_orf238         arginine deiminase (arcA); MYCCA                                                 
43     E07_orf540o        N-utilization substance protein A homolog (nusA); BACSU                          
43,1   D09_orf388         phosphoribosylpyrophosphate synthetase (prs); SYNP                               
43,1   H08_orf1005        putative lipoprotein, MG321 homolog, MYCGE                                       
43,1   VXpSPT7_orf108     ribosomal protein S10 (rpS10); THEMA                                             
43,1   H03_orf351         NADP-dependent alcohol dehydrogenase (adh); THEBR                                
43,1   E07_orf301         putative lipoprotein, MG186 homolog, MYCGE                                       
43,2   B01_orf191         thymidine kinase (tdk); BACSU                                                    
43,2   K05_orf484         glutamyl-tRNA synthetase (gltX); BACST                                           
43,2   H08_orf329V        adhesin P1 (group 2) homolog; MYCPN                                              
43,2   P01_orf354         X-Pro dipeptidase (pepX); LACDE                                                  
43,2   A65_orf569         MG139 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
43,2   D02_orf100         -                                                                                
43,3   E07_orf175         -                                                                                
43,3   D09_orf319         o-sialoglycoprotein endopeptidase (gcp); PASHA                                   
43,3   GT9_orf327         RNA polymerase alpha core subunit (rpoA); BACSU                                  
43,3   H08_orf102         -                                                                                
43,4   K05_orf399         tyrosyl tRNA synthetase (tyrS); BACCA                                            
43,4   VXpSPT7_orf402     MG144 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
43,4   D02_orf445         nonspecified aminopeptidase; MYCSA                                               
43,5   C09_orf600         carnitine palmitoyltransferase II precursor(cpt2); HUMAN                         
43,5   B01_orf309         proline iminopeptidase (pip); NEIGO                                              
43,5   K05_orf339         protein (devA) homolog; ANASP                                                    
43,5   K05_orf237         homolog (degV) protein; BACSU                                                    
43,5   F11_orf133         adenine phosphoribosyltransferase (apt); HAEIN                                   
43,6   G07_orf376         oligopeptide transport system permease protein (amiD); STRPN                     
43,6   G07_orf872V        MG(2+) transport ATPase, P-typ 1 (mgtA); ECOLI                                   
43,6   GT9_orf180b        ribosomal protein L5 (rpL5); HAEIN                                               
43,7   A05_orf982         P115 protein homolog (SGC3); MYCHR                                               
43,7   G12_orf1391o       RNA polymerase beta subunit (rpoB); BACSU                                        
43,8   B01_orf288         fructose-bisphosphate aldolase (tsr); BACSU                                      
43,8   GT9_orf142         ribosomal protein S8 (rpS8); MYCCA                                               
43,9   B01_orf1443        DNA polymerase III (dnaE) alpha chain (3'-5' exonuclease); BACSU                 
44     D09_orf450         signal recognition particle protein (ffh); MYCMY                                 
44,1   C12_orf508         phosphoglycerate mutase (pgm); BACSU                                             
44,1   C12_orf141         MG427 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
44,1   H08_orf193         MG319 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
44,1   G07_orf226         ribosomal protein L1 (rpL1); BACST                                               
44,2   VXpSPT7_orf287b    ribosomal protein L3 (rpL3); MYCCA                                               
44,2   G07_orf137         ribosomal protein L11 (RPL11); THEMA                                             
44,3   C12_orf572         PEP-dependent HPr protein kinase phosphoryltransferase (Enzyme I) (ptsI); STRSL  
44,3   H08_orf565         Na(+) translocating ATPase subunit J (ntpJ); ENTHR                               
44,3   VXpSPT7_orf87      ribosomal protein S19 (rpS19); MYCBO                                             
44,3   H03_orf433         GTP-binding protein (obg); BACSU                                                 
44,3   H03_orf248         probable NH(3)-dependent NAD(+) synthetase (outB); BACSU                         
44,4   A05_orf337         glycerladehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase(gap), CLOPA                             
44,4   C12_orf65          ribosomal protein L28 (rpL28); BACSU                                             
44,5   C09_orf127         50S ribosomal protein  L20; MYCFE                                                
44,5   H10_orf198         arginine deiminase (arcA); MYCCA                                                 
44,5   F10_orf100a        hypothetical protein (ysxB) homolog; BACSU                                       
44,5   G07_orf139         ribosomal protein S12 (rpS12); BACST                                             
44,5   G07_orf657         excinuclease ABC subunit B (uvrB); ECOLI                                         
44,6   G07_orf423         oligopeptide transport ATP-binding protein (oppD); BACSU                         
44,6   F11_orf457         dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenase (pdhD); BACST                                     
44,6   GT9_orf184         ribosomal protein L6 (rpL6); MYCCA                                               
44,6   A05_orf320         phosphotransacetylase (pta); BACSU                                               
44,7   P02_orf218         hypothetical protein (yjfV) homolog; ECOLI                                       
44,7   F10_orf309         carbamate kinase (EC (arcC); PSEAE                                      
44,8   A05_orf595         DnaK protein, ERYRH                                                              
44,8   K05_orf394         elongation factor TU (tuf); MYCGE                                                
44,8   VXpSPT7_orf184     ribosomal protein L22 (rpL22); HAEIN                                             
44,8   G12_orf57          ribosomal protein L32 (rpL32); HAEIN                                             
44,8   P01_orf217         cytidylate kinase (cmk); BACSU                                                   
44,9   K05_orf151         pilin repressor (pilB) homolog; HAEIN                                            
44,9   D02_orf105         ATP synthase C chain (atpE); MYCGA                                               
44,9   GT9_orf85          ribosomal protein S17 (rpS17); MYCCA                                             
45     A05_orf409         phosphoglycerate kinase (pgk); THEMA                                             
45     R02_orf648         transketolase 1 (TK 1; tktB); RHOSH                                              
45     VXpSPT7_orf269     hypothetical protein (yaaC) homolog; PSEFL                                       
45,1   A05_orf370         hypothetical protein (HI0174); HAEIN                                             
45,1   K05_orf709         cell division protein (ftsH); BACSU                                              
45,1   F10_orf405         protein P65; MYCPN                                                               
45,2   B01_orf414o        histidyl-tRNA synthetase (hisS); STREQ                                           
45,2   GT9_orf116b        ribosomal protein L18 (rpL18); BACST                                             
45,3   D12_orf420         seryl-tRNA synthetase (serS); BACSU                                              
45,3   D02_orf518         ATP synthase alpha chain (atpA); MYCGA                                           
45,3   GT9_orf151         ribosomal protein L15 (rpL15); MYCCA                                             
45,4   H08_orf205         ribosomal protein S4 (rpS4); BACSU                                               
45,4   P02_orf159         hypothetical phosphotransferase protein (yjfU) homolog; ECOLI                    
45,4   P02_orf336         recombination protein (recA); STAAU                                              
45,4   D12_orf210         hypothetical protein (yaaP) homolog; BACSU                                       
45,5   K05_orf839o        DNA gyrase subunit A (gyrA); STAAU                                               
45,5   VXpSPT7_orf617     protein synthesis initiation factor 2 (infB); BACST                              
45,5   D12_orf390o        heat shock protein (dnaJ); BACSU                                                 
45,6   K05_orf650         DNA gyrase subunit B (gyrB); MYCPN                                               
45,6   GT9_orf215         adenylate kinase (adk); BACST                                                    
45,7   G07_orf155         ribosomal protein S7 (rpS7); BACST                                               
45,7   GT9_orf122         ribosomal protein L14 (rpL14); BACST                                             
45,8   G07_orf688         elongation factor G (fus); THEAQ                                                 
45,9   P02_orf1300        putative lipoprotein, MG338 homolog, MYCGE                                       
45,9   GT9_orf477         preprotein translocase subunit (secY); MYCCA                                     
46,3   F04_orf1290        DNA-directed RNA polymerase beta' chain (rpoC); THEMA                            
46,4   GT9_orf124b        ribosomal protein S13 (rpS13); BACSU                                             
46,5   D09_orf238         purine-nucleoside phosphorylase (deoD); ECOLI                                    
46,6   VXpSPT7_orf139o    ribosomal protein L16 (rpL16); MYCCA                                             
46,7   G07_orf808         preprotein translocase (secA); BACSU                                             
46,7   GT9_orf61          ribosomal protein S14 (rpS14); MYCCA                                             
46,8   F11_orf327         pyruvate dehydrogenase E1-beta subunit (pdhB); ACHLA                             
46,9   P02_orf143         -                                                                                
47     K05_orf140         osmotically inducible protein (osmC); ECOLI                                      
47     VXpSPT7_orf273     ribosomal protein S3 (rpS3); MYCCA                                               
47     F11_orf402         dihydrolipoamide acetyltransferase component (E2) (pdhC); ACHLA                  
47,3   H08_orf672         cytadherence accessory protein HMW3; MYCPN                                       
47,4   D02_orf475         ATP synthase beta chain (atpD); MYCGA                                            
47,6   VXpSPT7_orf287a    ribosomal protein L2 (rpL2); MYCCA                                               
48,1   GT9_orf219         ribosomal protein S5 (rpS5); BACSU                                               
48,9   GT9_orf121         ribosomal protein S11 (rpS11); BACST                                             
50     P02_orf316         MG338 homolog, MYCGE                                                             
50,3   H08_orf445         hypothetical 130K protein homolog (orf6, P1 operon); MYCPN                       
50,9   E07_orf1218        hypothetical 130K protein (orf6; P1 operon); MYCPN                               
51,1   R02_orf173         hypothetical 130K protein homolog (orf6, P1 operon); MYCPN                       
51,6   E07_orf434         hypothetical 130K protein homolog (orf6, P1 operon); MYCPN                       
51,6   A05_orf493         hypothetical 130K protein homolog (orf6, P1 operon); MYCPN                       
51,8   C09_orf272         hypothetical 130K protein homolog (orf6, P1 operon); MYCPN                       
51,8   P02_orf147         -                                                                                
52     R02_orf138         -                                                                                
52     H08_orf274         30K adhesin-related protein; MYCPN                                               
52,3   A05_orf139         -                                                                                
52,3   GT9_orf127         ADP1_MYCPN adhesin P1 precursor homolog; MYCPN                                   
52,5   E07_orf224         hypothetical 130K protein homolog (orf6, P1 operon); MYCPN                       
52,7   P02_orf381         hypothetical 130K protein homolog (orf6, P1 operon); MYCPN                       
52,7   GT9_orf438V        ADP1_MYCPN adhesin P1 precursor homolog; MYCPN                                   
52,8   E07_orf221V        ADP1_MYCPN adhesin P1 precursor homolog; MYCPN                                   
53,2   R02_orf301         hypothetical 130K protein homolog (orf6, P1 operon); MYCPN                       
53,3   H08_orf157a        -                                                                                
53,3   H91_orf272         hypothetical 130K protein homolog (orf6, P1 operon); MYCPN                       
53,4   E07_orf1627        ADP1_MYCPN adhesin P1 (orf5, P1 operon); MYCPN                                   
53,6   A05_orf278         ADP1_MYCPN adhesin P1 precursor homolog; MYCPN                                   
53,9   E07_orf256L        ADP1_MYCPN adhesin P1 precursor homolog; MYCPN                                   
54,2   R02_orf347L        ADP1_MYCPN adhesin P1 precursor homolog; MYCPN                                   
54,3   H08_orf270         ADP1_MYCPN adhesin P1 precursor homolog; MYCPN                                   
54,4   GT9_orf313         ADP1_MYCPN adhesin P1 precursor homolog; MYCPN                                   
54,9   A65_orf465V        adhesin P1 (group 2) homolog; MYCPN                                              
55     H91_orf322         hypothetical 130K protein homolog (orf6, P1 operon); MYCPN                       
55,1   P02_orf527V        ADP1_MYCPN adhesin P1 precursor homolog; MYCPN                                   
55,1   P01_orf208V        ADP1_MYCPN adhesin P1 precursor homolog; MYCPN                                   
55,4   P02_orf422V        ADP1_MYCPN adhesin P1 precursor homolog; MYCPN                                   
55,4   F11_orf533L        ADP1_MYCPN adhesin P1 precursor homolog; MYCPN                                   
55,4   A19_orf737V        ADP1_MYCPN adhesin P1 precursor homolog; MYCPN                                   
55,6   E07_orf413         ADP1_MYCPN adhesin P1 precursor homolog; MYCPN                                   
55,7   C09_orf149a        -                                                                                
55,8   C09_orf428V        ADP1_MYCPN adhesin P1 precursor homolog; MYCPN                                   
55,9   A19_orf211         -