May 2018, the lab goes climbing.
From left to right: Dimitris (giving instructions that Rolf can't see), Rolf, Tamas and Peter.

September 2017.
From left to right: Tamas, Katharina, Jasmin, Sebastian, Rolf, Peter, Julia and Dimitris.

June 2017, at the lab retreat.
Dimitris, Peter and Jasmin draw up their (fantasy) papers.

May 2017.
Is our ceiling going to withstand the construction work on the floor above us? Jasmin, Peter, Tamas and
Dimitris are not too sure.

June 2016, at the lab retreat.
From left to right: Peter, Rolf, Tamas, Jasmin, Sebastian, Katharina, Julia and Tanja.

October 2015.
From left to right: Jasmin, Tamas, Sebastian, Peter, Katharina, Rolf and Verena.

February 2015.
From left to right: Sebastian, Katharina, Peter, Rolf, Jasmin, Dorottya and Tamas.

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