Ruprecht-Karls-Universitšt Heidelberg

Members of the Schuck Lab



Peter Bircham (Postdoc) 421 6823
Dimitris Papagiannidis (PhD Student) 421 6823
Jasmin Schäfer (PhD student) 421 6823
Katharina Schaeff (Technician) 421 6823
Rolf Schmidt (PhD Student) 421 6823
Sebastian Schuck (group leader) 421a 6745
Tamas Szoradi (PhD student) 421 6823
Saccharo Cerevis (guest) 421 6823
Verena Bittl

Verena did her Master thesis with us from April to November 2015, exploring potential ER-phagy substrates. She then moved on to do her PhD with Anja Bremm in Frankfurt. In fact, Verena was always on the move, and even serious injuries would not stop her from countless trips to the microscope or jumping off dangerously high climbing walls.
Dorottya Pòlos

Dorottya joined us in October 2014 as an ERASMUS exchange student from Imperial College London. After working on ER-phagy in yeast, she returned to Imperial College in June 2015 to complete her Bachelor´s studies. She´ll be sourly missed by everyone, perhaps most by Tamas, who shares Dorottya´s passion for minutiae and spent many coffee breaks debating the fine details of the world with Dory.