Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

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Seminars 2016
Nov. 10, 2016
11 a.m.

Davis Ng (Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory, National University of Singapore, Singapore)
Adaptation to aneuploidy
ZMBH seminar room 001 | INF 282 (pdf)
Sept. 27, 2016
4 p.m.

Edward Wallace (Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, The University of Chicago, USA)
Reversible, specific, functional RNA-protein granules triggered by heat shock in budding yeast
ZMBH seminar room 001 | INF 282 (pdf)
Sept. 22, 2016
4 p.m.

Jeffrey Brodsky (University of Pittsburgh, Department of Biological Sciences, Pittsburgh, USA)
ER associated degradation and protein conformational disease: Lessons from model systems and therapeutic opportunities
ZMBH seminar room 001 | INF 282 (pdf)
July 18, 2016
2 p.m.

Simon Anders (Institute for Molecular Medicine Finnland - FIMM)
Statistical analyses of large-scale data in biology and medicine
ZMBH seminar room 512 (5th floor) | INF 282 (pdf)
June 30, 2016
4 p.m.

Vishva Dixit (Vice President - Research, Genentech Inc., South San Francisco, USA)
Ubiquitin modification in cancer signaling pathways
ZMBH seminar room 001 | INF 282 (pdf)
June 9, 2016
4 p.m.

Nick Gilbert (MRC Human Genetics Unit, Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine, The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK)
Regulation of large-scale chromatin architecture in mammalian cells
ZMBH seminar room 001 | INF 282 (pdf)
May 12, 2016
4 p.m.

Christian Ungermann (Dept. of Biology/Chemistry, Biochemistry Section, University of Osnabrück, Osnabrück, Germany)
Molecular insights into vesicle trafficking toward the yeast vacuole
ZMBH seminar room 001 | INF 282 (pdf)
April 28, 2016
11 a.m.

Wolf B. Frommer (Carnegie Institution for Science, Department of Plant Biology, Stanford, USA)
SWEET transporters - from bacteria to plants to humans, and from molecules to new technologies to applications
ZMBH seminar room 001 | INF 282 (pdf)
March 16, 2016
11.00 a.m.

Janine Kirstein (Leibniz Institute for Molecular Pharmacology (FMP) + NeuroCure Excellence Cluster Berlin, Germany)
Proteostasis network analysis and its capacity in amyloid remodeling
ZMBH seminar room 001 | INF 282 (pdf)
March 03, 2016
4.00 p.m.

Angus Lamond (Centre for Gene Regulation & Expression, University of Dundee, UK)
A multidimensional proteomics approach for studying cell transformation and cancer biology
ZMBH seminar room 001 | INF 282 (pdf)

Place: ZMBH seminar room R 001 (ground floor)

Helle Ulrich, Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB), Mainz: "Dealing with DNA damage during replication"

Balca R. Mardin, Biomed X Innovation Center, Heidelberg: "Mechanisms and vulnerabilities of complex genomic rearrangements"

Irmi Sinning, Biochemistry Center Heidelberg: "News from co-translational chaperones - structures and ribosome interaction"

Aurelio Teleman, Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum: "Regulation of mitochondrial function by a lipid metabolite"

SFB kick-off meeting on December 14, 2016, seminars from 4.00 to 6.00 pm