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Plasmid Data Sheet

Plasmid name: pUHC 13-6       Size:             ca.6500 bp

Resistance:   Ampicillin      constructed by: Manfred Gossen

Host strain:  E.coli "sure"

Reference:    Manfred Gossen unpublished

Description :

pUHC13-6 is a derivative of pT81 luc (ref.: Nordeen, S.K. 1988 BioTechniques 6: 454-457) which contains the luciferase gene under control of the Tk promoter (position -81 to +52). For details on structure and construction of pT81 luc, please check the above reference. To bring the luciferase gene under tTA control, a heptamerized tet operator sequence and a polylinker were inserted upstream of the Tk promoter (see attached sequence).

The plasmid consists of three main fragments:

  1. pBR322-sequences:
  2. SV40 sequences (ref.: De Wet et al. 1987 Mol.Cell.Biol. 7: 725-737):
  3. the regulatory region * with: (ref.: Nordeen, S.K. 1988 BioTechniques 6: 454-457)
  4. the luciferase gene from pSV232AL-AD5 (ref.: De Wet et al.(1987), Mol.Cell.Biol. 7: 725-737).

SalI SmaI KpnI SstI                                                XhoI      


* the Tk minimal promoter region with the heptamerized tet operators is shown: