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Bioinformatic Services will resume in the course of 2015

The Bioinformatics Core Facility is part of the DKFZ-ZMBH Alliance and offers bioinformatics support with focus on the analysis of high throughput sequencing data for members of the DKFZ-ZMBH Alliance. We are looking forward to provide support for research involving:

- Next generation sequencing data, with a focus on RNAseq data
- Microarray analysis
- Cis element discovery
- Downstream analyses including GO enrichment and pathway analyses
- Statistical analyses
- Network analysis, Protein-Protein-Interaction networks
- miRNA detection
- Modeling of biological systems

Of course, in depth support for particular projects in need of
- Bioinformatics consultation
- Customized data analysis
- Tailored analysis pipelines
- Graphical representation of results retrieved via bioinformatic analyses

is part of our service as well. Our focus is furthermore to help DKFZ-ZMBH Alliance members helping themselves. We therefore provide established pipelines for standard analyses as ready-to-use and introduction to standard analyses. Upcoming workshops will focus on R, Python and the handling of high throughput data analysis.

It is recommendable to contact us before starting new experiments with a considerable output of bioinformatic data to ensure that the setup and the data generation are already designed having the subsequent analysis part in mind.


Network analysis

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