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Open Positions in the Clayton Lab

I am always delighted to receive applications from people who have a strong interest in trypanosome RNA metabolism.

If you wish to apply for a PhD position, please apply via the HBIGS graduate school ( (If the link doesn’t work just search for hbigs.) Don’t worry, they will rapidly forward suitable applications to me. One reason I ask you to do this is that all my students take part in the HBIGS programme, so applicants must go through the standard screening and interview procedure anyway. YOU can do this via the link “ solicited applications”. The other reason is that I receive large numbers of completely random applications; if you apply via HBIGS I at least know that you have read my web page! A strong background in molecular biology is required. Please note that I will retire in March 2022, so the last possible starting date would be in about June 2018.
If you are interested in doing a post-doc in my lab, please write to me explaining what particular aspects of our work interest you, what you would like to learn and what expertise you think you can contribute.

You can do your Masters thesis in my lab if you take either Infection biology or MCB, and the Masters programme will provide an excellent basis for further PhD studies.

If you do not have practical molecular biology experience, equivalent to at least 6 months in a molecular biology lab, please apply to our MSc programme - even if you already have a Masters or higher degree
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