DNA sequence of the complete Mycoplasma pneumoniae genome

R. Himmelreich, H. Hilbert, H. Plagens, E. Prikl, B.-C. Li, and R. Herrmann

The project started in 1992 and in November 1995 the sequencing part was finished.
Based on a complete cosmid/plasmid library of the M. pneumoniae genome, we performed more than 6300 sequence reactions. The sequencing strategy was in a directed fashion by primer walking with a very small amount of random sequencing. This led to a very low redundancy of 2.95 (calculated for both strands).
The genome has a length of 816394 bp with a G+C content of 40.01 %. We predicted 677 open reading frames (ORFs) with an average molecular weight of 39500 kDa. Adding the number of ORFs to the amount of RNAs ( 5S-, 16S-, 23S-rRNA, 33 tRNAs, 4.5S RNA, 10Sa RNA and RNaseP RNA) we define 716 coding regions (88.7%) in the genome. Allmost 6 % of the genome is engaged by the 4 repeptitive sequences of the P1 operon of M. pneumoniae. The derived gene density is one gene per 1.14 kb. So far, 50 % of all ORFs/genes showed a significant sequence homology to defined ORFs/genes with known function from other bacteria.

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