Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Press releases

Article in the Rhein Neckar Zeitung (RNZ) on the event series "Heidelberger Lebenswissenschaften im Gespräch: Überlebensstrategien" (2018) "Schwierige Materie einfach erklärt" (this article available in German only).

Press release on "A role for 2-Cys peroxiredoxins in facilitating cytosolic protein thiol oxidation." (2018) published in Nature Chemical Biology (TP 14, Tobias Dick).

Press release on "Profiling Ssb-Nascent Chain Interactions Reveals Principles of Hsp70-Assisted Folding" (2017) published in Cell (TP 08, Bernd Bukau/Axel Mogk).

Press release on Universitt Heidelberg Garners Four Approvals for Collaborative Research Centres Press Release (2016).

Press release on "A novel inflammatory pathway mediating rapid hepcidin-independent hypoferremia" published in Blood, 2015 (TP 16, Martina Muckenthaler).

Press release on "Crucial HSP70 co-chaperone complex unlocks metazoan protein disaggregation" published in Nature, 2015 (TP 8, Bernd Bukau & Axel Mogk).

Press release on "High nutrient levels and TORC1 activity reduce cell viability following prolonged telomere dysfunction and cell cycle arrest" published in Cell Reports, 2014 (TP 2, Brian Luke).

Press release on "The Yeast ER-Intramembrane Protease Ypf1 Refines Nutrient Sensing by Regulating Transporter Abundance" published in Molecular Cell, 2014 (TP 12, Marius Lemberg).

Press release on "Telomeric RNA-DNA hybrids affect telomere length dynamics and senescence" published in Nature Structural Biology, 2013 (TP 2, Brian Luke).

Press release on the new Collaborative Research Center 1036 (2012).