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Vilardi, F., Lorenz, H. and Dobberstein, B. (2011). WRB is the receptor for TRC40/Asna1 mediated ER membrane insertion of tail-anchored proteins. J. Cell Science 124:1301-1307.

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Roemisch, K., Miller, F.W., Dobberstein, B. and High, S. (2006). Human autoantibodies against the 54 kDa protein of the signal recognition particle block function at multiple stages. Arthritis Research & Therapy 8:R39.

1994 - 2005

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Publications by members of the lab

Zivná, M., Hůlková, H., Matignon, M., Hodanová, K., Vylet'al, P., Kalbácová, M., Baresová, V., Sikora, J., Blazková, H., Zivný, J., Ivánek, R., Stránecký, V., Sovová, J., Claes, K., Lerut, E., Fryns, J.P., Hart, P.S., Hart, T.C., Adams, J.N., Pawtowski, A., Clemessy, M., Gasc, J.M., Gübler, M.C., Antignac, C., Elleder, M., Kapp, K., Grimbert, P., Bleyer, A.J., Kmoch, S.  (2009). Dominant renin gene mutations associated with early-onset hyperuricemia, anemia, and chronic kidney failure. Am. J. Hum. Genet. 85(2):204-13.

Lundin, C., Kaell, L., Kreher, S.A., Kapp, K., Sonnhammer, E.L. Carlson, J.R., von Heijne, G. and Nilsson, I. (2007). Membrane topology of the Drosophila OR83b odorant receptor. FEBS Lett. 581: 5601-5604.

Freigang, S., Eschli, B., Harris, N., Geuking, M., Quirin, K., Schrempf, S., Zellweger, R., Weber, J., Hengartner, H. and Zinkernagel, R.M. (2007). A lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus glycoprotein variant that is retained in the endoplasmic reticulum efficiently cross-primes CD8+ T cell responses. PNAS 104: 13426-13431.

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