University Heidelberg

Welcome to the MCB program!

Developments in molecular and cellular biology have contributed immensely to multiple research fields ranging from cancer biology, neurosciences, immunology to infectious diseases and many others. Although it makes sense to study patients and their symptoms, a more fundamental understanding of biological processes at the molecular level is essential to understand the essentials of life and to be able to develop new medications and therapies in the long run.

The Molecular & Cellular Biology Major at the Heidelberg University is especially suitable for students with an interest in the molecular basis of life processes. It is a tough but rewarding program that consists of 5 practical courses, 3 seminars, 3 lecture series, proposal writing, 3 labrotations and a master’s thesis from and at some of the best molecular biology groups in Germany.

Our staff are spread over multiple university research centers, like the ZMBH and the BZH for instance. However, several work at EMBL, the German Cancer Centre (DKFZ) and the Max-Planck Institute for Medical Research (MPI). You can try studies in structural biology, intracellular protein trafficking, protein folding, genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics, high-end microscopy, and much more. Research subjects range from fundamental to applied: you can work with bacteria, yeast, insects, worms, mammals, malaria parasites....  with subjects including ageing, cancer biology, drug design, development, immunology, plant stress responses, stem cells.... The choice is yours.

The program guarantees a high-quality education that perfectly prepares you for a PhD in the life sciences. However also other career possibilities that require knowledge of state-of-the-art techniques, used by the modern molecular biologist, are possible with a degree in molecular and cellular biology.

More about the program can be found under Curriculum.