University Heidelberg

The MCB Curriculum - Module 3

Module 3 consists of three parts:

1) The lecture series 'Advanced Molecular & Cellular Biology' which covers topics like: Advanced mass spectrometry, Enzyme kinetics, Oxidative protein folding, Modelling of reactions, NMR, Protein folding & chaperones, Protein modelling, Yeast as a model system, Drosophila as a model system, C. elegans as a model system, Protist models and endosymbiotic organelles, Drug discovery, Drug development, Vesicular transport, Ubiquitin, SUMO and more.

In the end there will be an exam.

2) three one-week practicals, which you can choose from a large list of topics, including: Enzyme Kinetics and Protein Folding, Mass spectrometry, Quantitative analysis of sumoylation with a FRET-based enzyme assay
Quantitative Protein analytics, Functional Analysis of Protein-Lipid Interactions, Membrane Biology, Structural Biology, RNA/Ribozyme, Fluorescence Microscopy of Living Object, Drosophila Genetics, Biomolecular modelling and simulation methods, PERL for beginners, Components and Mechanisms of Signal Transduction (shared with Cancer Biology), Plasmodium, Trypanosomes, Immunology, Carbohydrates in plants and more.

3) a separate literature seminar.

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