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The MCB Curriculum - Module 4

In Module 4 lectures are offered on many aspects of research that are going on within the MCB programme. These are informal, with opportunity for discussion and are also meant to orient yourself towards the labrotations and your thesis. These lectures take place in February-March. Attendance is necessary for you to find out what is available, not only with regard to subjects, but also methods.

You do a six-week practical in a lab of your choice (within MCB). This must be written up as a formal report with Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion, references. Also you should do a presentation in the laboratory seminar series – either presenting your project, or a literature presentation. All of this will be marked by the supervisor.

The second examination takes the form of a project proposal for a Masters thesis. Topics for these proposals will be given by the lecturers in Module 4. You can also ask other MCB teachers but not someone from outside MCB.


Summarizing, the module consists of three parts:

1) A lecture series: Special Topics, in which group leaders introduce their research to you

2) a six week labrotation (7,5 credits)

3) writing a research proposal (7,5 credits)

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