University of Heidelberg

ZMBH - Central Services - Administration & Workshops



Stefan Weger
Head of ZMBH administration

06221 - 54 6801

  • Responsible for the following ZMBH departments: administration, technical supply, and workshops
  • Compilation and management of the ZMBH's budget
  • Administration of third-party funds in cooperation with the University
  • Contact person for the University's central administration regarding budget and staff issues
  • Responsible for construction matters
  • Logistics (supply and disposal)
Alexandra Hepp
06221 - 54 6800

  • Settlement of internal expenses such as telephone, office material, copy items
  • Purchase order of material for office and cleaning purposes
  • Coordination of the ZMBH's central services and the cleaning of the building
  • Management of the electronic access system to the ZMBH, granting access permission and handling deposits
  • Taking care of incoming and outgoing mail
  • Management of the ZMBH's inventory listed in the assets of the University
06221 - 54 6803
  • Management of all employment processes in tight cooperation with the University's department for personnel
  • Supervision of short-term employments
  • Taking care of job postings
  • Consultation of the ZMBH's coworkers when questions regarding their work contract, social security, etc. arise
  • Updating staff appointment scheme
  • Allocation of personnel expenses to budget accounts and third-party funds of the ZMBH
  • Processing scholarships
  • Management of all monetary transactions of the ZMBH in tight cooperation with the University's Accounting Department
  • Invoice verification
  • Allocation of budgets and third-party funds of all material expenses
  • SAP R/3 interface - book-keeping system of the University
  • Compiling reports on expenditure for all third-party sponsors
  • Documentation of the ZMBH's financial transactions
  • Supervision and management of travel expenses

Valentina Sieben
06221 - 54 6808

Claudia Wochlik
06221 - 54 6802

Central administration of the University


Gerd Stegmller precision mechanic (Feinmechanikermeister)
06221 - 54-6807


Patrick Soine precision mechanic
06221 - 54-6807
  • Maintance of the institutional devices and the building automation

  • Construction of laboratory apparatus according to the special requirements of the research groups

  • Support with technical and medical gas


Matthias Pawlitschko electrician (Elektromeister)
06221 - 54-6806


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