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ZMBH - Central Services - Biocomputing

Computing and communication via the internet are absolutely essential for modern biological science. The ZMBH is equipped with a powerful computer network comprising three central Macintosh Servers, 200 Macintoshs for endusers, two Sun workstations, 20 Windows computers, and 20 printers connected with each other through an ethernet and a local talk system. A considerable amount of computer-controlled equipment, such as microscopes, fluor and phosphor imagers, oligonucleotide and polypeptide synthesizers, as well as DNA-sequencing machines, is also integrated into the network.

The ZMBH employs a team of currently two computer specialists and a couple of students who maintain and up-date the hardware and software and give comprehensive support to all users. This includes, for example, the administration of the network and servers, installation of computers according to the individual user's requirements, and the building of customised databases for sophisticated, user-specific sequence analysis with UNIX-based software. In addition, the computer group provides software training in small groups or, if required, on an individual basis for a broad range of applications.

Raphael Mosbach
Head of the ZMBH's computer department
06221 - 54 6852
06221 - 54 5888 (fax)

Winfried Wingert
06221 - 54 6868

Raphael Mosbach and Winfried Wingert provide computer support to staff and students at the ZMBH through the selection, procurement, installation, maintenance, and repair of hardware and software.

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