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ZMBH - Academic Programs

The ZMBH provides training for both undergraduate and graduate students. All courses are an integral part of the study programs of the Faculty of Biosciences. The Faculty is also handling the admission procedures for the Bachelor and Master Program.
ZMBH scientists offer a large variety of lectures, seminars and practical courses for undergraduates and graduates focusing on molecular and cellucar biology. These courses are listed in the course directory. The common theme is to provide excellent training with the goal to prepare our students for international scientific careers. Among the teaching facilities are two well-equipped teaching laboratories, a cell culture for teaching purposes and a computer lab.

Bachelor Program
Courses for undergraduates are designed to provide basic knowledge in molecular and cellular biology as well as general aspects of biology, and to provide an introduction to the elementary methodological toolset. These courses are most frequently taught in German. Our courses are part of the Bachelor program "Biowissenschaften".

Master Program
Master students are not only exposed to current research topics and advanced methods, they are also introduced to active science. Besides broadening students' knowledge on selected key aspects in molecular and cell biology, the importance of substantial lab training and an introduction to fluent scientific communication, both verbally and in writing, are emphasized.
We are responsible for the major Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) within the Master's Degree Program Molecular Biosciences. This course is taught in English.

Program for future Biology Teachers
This program qualifies for teaching biology in German secondary schools. Please consult the German web pages of the Faculty of Biosciences for further information.

PhD Program
All ZMBH group leaders frequently offer PhD positions. Your cost of living will be covered by either a fellowship or an employment contract. All projects involve cutting-edge research with respect to both the scientific questions and methods and technology. Open positions are generally advertized via the Heidelberg Biosciences International Graduate School, supported by the Excellence Initiative Program. Refer to the HBIGS web pages for positions and the admissions procedure. Acceptance by the Graduate School also means you will receive training and support beyond the individual work on your thesis.

All PhD students who have been accepted at the ZMBH also have access to activities and services of the ZMBH Doctoral Program.

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