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ZMBH - Central Services

The central facilities for scientific, technical and administrative services belong to the core area of the ZMBH department structure. Each research group has equal access, and many facilities serve many users from other institutes on campus as well. Our facilities include high-performance microscopy, mass spectrometry and proteomics as well as fluorescent cell sorting and analysis (FACS). Additional core facilities provide IT and biocomputing support, scientific workshops, and a specialized team handles laboratory security and waste disposal. A central teaching laboratory is available for practical courses offered by our research group leaders. Administrative staff helps with financial or human resources issues.

Several of the ZMBH's scientific core facilities are members of the larger CellNetworks Core Technology Platform on campus.

Provision of animal housing or library services – apart from standard access to e-journals – are offered by the University of Heidelberg. Detailed information can be found by following the links provided below.

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