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Ethics in Scientific Image Processing

Online learning Tool for Research Integrity and Image Processing

This website, created by the Office of Research Integrity, explains what is appropriate in image processing in science and what is not.

Digital Imaging: Ethics (at the Cellular Imaging Facily Core, SEHSC)

This website, compiled by Douglas Cromey at the University of Alabama – Birmingham, discusses thoroughly the topic of digital imaging ethics. It is recommended for all scientists.

The website contains links to several external resources, including:

1. What’s in a picture? The temptation of image manipulation (2004) M Rossner and K M Yamada, J Cell Biology 166(1):11–15, doi:10.1083/jcb.200406019

2. Not picture-perfect (2006), Nature 439, 891–892, doi:10.1038/439891b.

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