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ZMBH - Central Services - Imaging Facility

The ZMBH Imaging Facility provides scientific and technical support in basic and advanced light microscopy and digital image processing.

A diverse collection of light microscopes is available to the user including widefield, confocal and superresolution systems for brightfield and fluorescence applications.

We provide courses in light microscopy, software programming and image analysis for under- and postgraduate students and offer application trainings to members and guests of the institute.

New: InspectJ, a free and easy-to-use software tool to inspect digital image integrity. InspectJ will help you to detect image manipulations. It is especially well suited for scientific image quality control of microscopy, gel and blot images (but also any other image).

Read Holger's interview on InspectJ here (Laborjournal).

Please check out our YouTube playlist with detailed video tutorials and demos on InspectJ.

Check this out: Link to the Matlab course

Check this out: Our new Publication on full-view visualization of 3D z-stacks (More ...)

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