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ZMBH - Doctoral Program

The ZMBH supports a number of activities specifically for doctoral students at the institute. The Doctoral Program is nothing you have to apply for: you are automatically a member after your successful application and enrollment as a doctoral student. You are encouraged to meet students from other research groups at scientific retreats initiated for doctoral students only. There are also our "meet the speaker" program as well as social activities such as movie nights or parties.

However, there is also a more formal aspect of the program. All Doctoral students of the Faculty of Biosciences have to fulfill a number of requirements beyond the experimental work in the lab helping you to be prepared for a scientific career in academia or industry. Your thesis project is accompanied by a thesis advisory committee and annual reports are due on a regular basis. You have to attend journal clubs, progress report meetings, and the Alliance Colloquium Series regularly. Your experimental and soft skills will be further developed by training courses. For the majority of the students course offerings and program monitoring occurs through HBIGS, the graduate school of the German excellence initiative for Heidelberg molecular life science students. Alternatively, courses and monitoring are offered via the ZMBH as well.

Graduate Speakers and Contacts

Graduate Speakers:

Other Contacts:

  • Elmar Schiebel (ZMBH group leader, responsible for PhD student affairs), phone: -6814
  • Ralf Tolle (Director's Office, contact for PhD student affairs), phone: -6816

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