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A freely available software to accurately project multi-dimensional (3D-5D) fluorescence microscopy image data onto 2D maps. Similar to the Earth's projection onto cartographic maps, Map3-2D unfolds surface information from a stack of images onto a single, structurally interconnected map. By cross-referencing between the 2D map and the original image stack, precise quantitative analyses of intensities and shapes are easily and intuitively executable.

Yeast (3D)




Yeast surface (2D Map)

S. cerevisiae cell expressing Rtn1-GFP (green) and dsRedHDEL (red). 4 different viewing angles are shown (left).
Yeast cells kindly provided by Dr. Sebastian Schuck, ZMBH.

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Version 1.2

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Version 1.0

Map3-2D Tutorial

Tutorial version 1.0
Test image folder ""

2D map projections for visualization and quantitative analysis of 3D fluorescence micrographs
G. Hernn Sendra, Christian H. Hoerth, Christian Wunder and Holger Lorenz
Scientific Reports 5, 12457 (2015), doi:10.1038/srep12457

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