Member Research Project
Michael Brunner Protein localisation and circadian rhythms
Bernhard Dobberstein Protein targeting to the ER and intracellular sorting
Maria Isabel Geli Molecular mechanism of endocytosis
Dirk Görlich Nucleo-cytoplasmic transport
Harald Herrmann-Lerdon Intermediate filament assembly
Eduard C. Hurt Nucleo-cytoplasmic transport across the yeast nuclear pores
Wilhelm Just Biogenesis and function of mammalian peroxisomes
Matthias Mayer Chaperone mediated protein folding
Peter Mayinger Phosphoinositide signaling and transport processes at membranes
Gert Multhaup Ligand associated conformational changes of the amyloid precursor protein (APP)
Walter Nickel Non-classical Mechanisms of Eukaryotic Protein Secretion
David G. Robinson Intracellular protein transport in plants
Blanche Schwappach Assembly and trafficking of ion channels
Matthias Seedorf mRNA transport and protein localisation
Irmgard Sinning Membrane proteins and protein targeting to membranes
Felix Wieland Biogenesis of transport vesicles